Buyer Coaching

  • Learn the key points and questions to ask when considering a practice broker
  • Demystify the process of valuing a dental practice
  • Identify key points to consider regarding the financial health of the practice
  • Discover multiple ways to transition from owner to retiree
  • Explore different ideas when it comes to multiple-practice ownership
  • Assess the current state of the dental team and if they will stay with you post-sale
  • Discover simple strategies to improve practice revenue
dental practice buyer coaching
Dental Implants

  • Discover the role of the general dentist in implant dentistry and how to predictably and responsibly add implant placement to your
practice toolkit
  • Learn a case selection protocol that identifies straightforward implant cases
  • Learn effective consultation techniques that increase case acceptance
  • Demystify front desk insurance coding and billing strategies
  • Identify staff systems that take the “hassle-factor” out of the parts and pieces of implants
  • Discover how to work synergistically with your specialist
  • Explore techniques for extraction and socket preservation (bone grafting) to build your own ideal implant sites
  • Assess post-operative care management to ensure patient comfort and safety
  • Review internal and external marketing programs which can improve practice revenue
  • Participate in complex case assessment and execution
  • Capitalize on the hidden production in your practice by enhancing implant case acceptance
Practice Management

  • Learn instant 5-minute practice systems that eliminate confusion and enhance patient service
  • Gain strategies for dealing with a growing dental business and team
  • Discover the things to do EVERY day, EVERY time for optimal results: Management is repetition
  • Explore how to implement larger treatment plans and prepare the dentist and team to present them
  • Receive a check-list to help you determine if it’s time to purchase another practice

dental practice buyer coaching

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